Executive Search Sevices
Retained Search
This service is highly recommended for clients who wish to cover the talent market thoroughly for senior and/or challenging positions in their organizations. It ensures the confidentiality and sensitivity of the positions involved, allowing the best candidates to be identified in the process.
Contingency Search
Also known as “success only” basis, this service is recommended when the market is identified and requires a short turn around time to fulfill. We are able provide a shortened search process by searching our database for suitable and targeting only the likely companies or candidates.
IT Contracting
Frequently engaged in times where permanent headcounts are restricted, we provide IT consultants with the relevant industry domains on contractual basis.
Payroll Outsourcing
For clients who are seeking cost/time effective measures, such service makes possible to manage the tedious payroll process without the need to maintain a payroll department.
HR Solutions
In an effort to assist our clients to increase workforce productivity, this incorporates HR best practices and delivers them in a convenient and easy-to-use web application. This solution includes e-personnel, e-claims, e-leave, e-pay, and e-timesheet.